All IP Address of Bangladesh, by ranges- & of 549 Providers.

Last Updates - Asia‑Pacific Network Information (APNIC) Database/Records: 27th October 2017 (this page last updated on 13th November 2017)

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Provider/ISP's *ID, Name & Amount of ISPs assigned-- first tab is their ASN/APNIC whois ident, and after space is the name of the Internet Service Provider or Network Agency, and last numeric volume/amount is the number of total IP Address are assigned to them by the International IP Government/Authority (the amount's is total numbers of unique IPv4 address are assigned, does not necessary that they are active/online and being utilized by) :

AS17469 Access Telecom (BD) Ltd. 77,824
AS45951 Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Limited 67,584
AS17806 Tire-1 IP Transit Provider of Bangladesh 65,536
AS17494 Telecom Operator & Internet Service Provider as well 57,856
AS23688 Link3 Technologies Ltd. 51,456
AS45904 Banglalion Communications Ltd 41,728
AS23956 AmberIT Object maintainer 41,472
AS7565 House # 43, Road # 16(New) 27(Old) Dhanmondi, Dhaka 38,656
AS24342 BRAC BDMail Network Ltd. 34,560
AS23923 Agni Systems Limited - Maintainer Object 33,024
AS45588 Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL), Nationwide 27,136
AS24389 GrameenPhone Ltd. 23,040
AS24323 aamra networks limited, 17,408
AS23893 BPL-BD 16,384
AS56115 New Generation Graphics Limited 16,384
AS17471 Grameen Cybernet Ltd. Bangladesh. AS for local peering and transit. Dhaka 15,872
AS63969 Race Online Limited 14,336
AS9230 Bangladesh Online Ltd. 14,336
AS38067 Radiant Communications Limited 12,032
AS38031 OptiMax Communication Ltd. 11,264
AS38712 Telnet Communication Limited 10,240
AS24122 BDCOM Online Limited 10,240
AS9832 ISN, Internet Service Provider 9,728
AS134180 Md. Shariful Islam T/A BRISK SYSTEMS 9,728
AS38203 ADN Telecom Ltd. 9,216
AS38592 Chittagong Online Limited AS38592 AP 8,192
AS58691 Delta Infocom Limited 7,168
AS38744 AlwaysOn Network Bangladesh Ltd 6,400
AS133854 X-press Technologies Limited. 6,400
AS45326 BBTS Network 6,400
AS58717 Summit Communication Limited 6,144
AS38026 MetroNet Bangladesh Limited, Fiber Optic Based Metropolitan Data 6,144
AS58656 bdHUB Limited 6,144
AS38259 XNet Limited 6,144
AS38071 Aftab IT Limited. 6,144
AS58923 InterCloud ltd 5,632
AS58689 ICC Communication 5,632
AS18230 Zipnet Limited DKB AS number 5,376
AS63996 Mazeda Networks Limited 5,120
AS45245 banglalink an Orascom Telecom Company, providing GSM Telecom service in Bangladesh 5,120
AS45905 Stargate Communications Ltd. 5,120
AS23991 Ranks ITT Ltd. 5,120
AS38200 BTS Communication (BD) Ltd 4,864
AS56264 Tomato Web (Pvt) Limited 4,608
AS9441 Next Online Ltd. 4,352
AS24556 Bijoy Online Ltd. Multihome Internet Service Provider 4,352
AS56054 Icon Infotech Limited 4,096
AS134732 Dot Internet 4,096
AS38017 Route object of Square InformatiX Ltd 4,096
AS38256 Bengal Group Ltd. Nationwide Internet Service Provider, Bangladesh. 4,096
AS24432 TM International Bangladesh Ltd.Internet service Provider,Gulshan-1,Dhaka-1212 4,096
AS134128 Mega Speed Net 4,096
AS58715 Earth Telecommunication ( pvt ) Limited 3,840
AS55406 26 Shyamoli, Bir Uttam A. W. Chowdhury Road 3,840
AS45766 Triangle Services Limited. 3,584
AS63526 Systems Solutions & development Technologies Limited 3,584
AS59362 KS Network Limited 3,584
AS58889 Zx Online Ltd 3,328
AS58601 Aamra technologies limited 3,328
AS59340 Help Line 3,072
AS59382 Antaranga Properties Ltd 3,072
AS131464 Digi Jadoo Broadband Ltd 3,072
AS38192 Akceycom Limited. 3,072
AS55828 House 58, Road 15A (New) 3,072
AS133443 Comilla Online 3,072
AS55492 Dhaka Fiber Net Ltd 3,072
AS133866 Angel Drops Ltd. 2,816
AS133633 MultiTech Online 2,560
AS134382 Radisson Technologies 2,560
AS63932 Bangladesh Computer Council 2,560
AS58587 Fiber@Home Limited 2,560
AS132438 APON IT 2,048
AS38556 SK Networks (previously Mirae Co., Ltd.) Internet Service Provider,System Integrator,Telecommunication Solution Provider, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2,048
AS135020 Redwan Un Noor T/A Aurora Technologies 2,048
AS134236 Tetrasoft 2,048
AS135341 Orange Communication 2,048
AS59378 Managewell Communication Limited 2,048
AS135125 Talmuri Computer System 2,048
AS38555 Radiant ITPARK Broadband Project 2,048
AS58668 BD Link Communication Ltd 2,048
AS135054 Signature International 2,048
AS134146 SAM ONLINE 2,048
AS134712 Pipex Network 2,048
AS134113 Kazi Sazzad Hossain T/A Millennium Computers & Networking 2,048
AS132684 Alo Communications Limited 2,048
AS64074 Alpha Broadway System 2,048
AS58912 Chittagong Telecom Services Limited 2,048
AS132602 Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) 2,048
AS134983 BDPEER 2,048
AS133605 Bright Technologies Limited 2,048
AS134813 Code Arrow Ltd 2,048
AS134437 Orange Communication (The Sky Traders Ltd) 2,048
AS58768 Daffodil Online Ltd. 2,048
AS58945 Virgo Communication Ltd 2,048
AS134972 Delta Infocom Ltd 2,048
AS134970 Tuhin Enterprise 2,048
AS135092 Dhaka tech 2,048
AS63995 Btek Limited. 2,048
AS38313 Fusion Net 2,048
AS63963 Gateway Online Access Limited 2,048
AS38315 GAZICOMM-BD 2,048
AS38054 Genuity Systems Ltd. 2,048
AS135155 2,048
AS135311 Golam Mohammad T/A 29Communication 2,048
AS58599 Cybergate Limited 2,048
AS38011 GramBangla Systems Ltd Internet & Data service provider 2,048
AS63961 Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) 2,048
AS45176 Company name: True. 2,048
AS134740 Horizon & Associates 2,048
AS58445 Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, Your Trusted Partner 2,048
AS38614 IDS Bangladesh. IP Transit provider. Dhaka, Bangladesh 2,048
AS131247 Infobd24 Systems 2,048
AS135310 Inspire Broadband 2,048
AS135654 Internet @ Home Limited 2,048
AS132622 Combined Soft-bd 2,048
AS24481 CONNECTBD 2,048
AS133954 Exord Online 2,048
AS38493 Royal Green Online Ltd. Internet Service Provider, Dhaka, 2,048
AS45273 Bangla Trac Communications Ltd (IGW Operation) 2,048
AS134404 INTRANET BD 2,048
AS38562 Innovative Online Limited 2,048
AS38138 Intech Limited 2,048
AS136498 KS Network 2,048
AS134204 Business Network 2,048
AS59365 Southlink-Communication 2,048
AS134968 Maya Cyber World 2,048
AS134116 Md. Manzurul Haque Khan T/A THE NET HEADS 2,048
AS64018 Cyber Way Technology 2,048
AS134749 Md. Nasir Uddin T/A SPEED TECH ONLINE 2,048
AS135353 MD SHIRAJUL HAIDER T/A Cue Club Technology 2,048
AS134201 Metaphor Digital Media 2,048
AS63980 Minara Firoz Infotech 2,048
AS59249 Mowna Optical Fiber Network(MOFNET) 2,048
AS59332 Mynet Limited 2,048
AS135334 NetExpress Online 2,048
AS135437 New Generation Internet Services Limited 2,048
AS45276 NReach Net (Pvt.) Ltd 2,048
AS63844 One Net Communication Ltd 2,048
AS134186 Paradise Technologies Limited 2,048
AS4864 Paralekha Online, 2,048
AS58813 Dtech Limited 2,048
AS132210 ReignICT 2,048
AS134185 Exabyte Limited 1,792
AS135115 WIMS ONLINE 1,792
AS135019 Amar Net System 1,792
AS38210 PSTN Operator and ISP 1,792
AS135339 Fuad Muhammad Shorfuddin T/A Fissa Communication 1,792
AS56138 Axiata (Bangladesh) Limited 1,792
AS136531 NetExpress Online 1,792
AS134159 M/S Mahi Enterprise 1,792
AS45282 Mir Telecom 1,792
AS135615 D-NET SERVICE 1,792
AS59347 Aalok IT Limited 1,792
AS132092 IT Base 1,792
AS59203 Angel Drops BD Maintainer 1,792
AS135517 BDMAX CYBER NET 1,792
AS135285 Digital Connectivity Limited 1,792
AS132267 NovoCom Limited 1,537
AS64005 KaritKarma Limited 1,536
AS135037 Techno Asia Infotech Limited 1,536
AS133374 BUCT Communication 1,536
AS64043 EUROtelbd Online Ltd. 1,536
AS58826 ICOM Bangladesh Ltd 1,536
AS58890 InfoLink 1,536
AS135527 Kazi Mohammad Shoabe T/A Explore Online 1,280
AS58752 Delta Infocom Limited 1,280
AS59341 SINE-10 (BD) LIMITED 1,280
AS63967 Bangla Trac Communications Ltd (ISP and Cloud Services) 1,280
AS45925 Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. 1,280
AS136224 City Online Ltd. 1,280
AS136425 Asianet Online Service 1,024
AS136014 SS Online 1,024
AS132735 Rayan Traders 1,024
AS135676 W W W Computer 1,024
AS137041 HiFiServer Technologies 1,024
AS134841 Interpid Broadband Communication Company Ltd. 1,024
AS132123 Portonics Limited 1,024
AS134702 NETSCOPE 1,024
AS58699 Greenland Technologies Ltd. 1,024
AS133477 Bangladesh 1,024
AS136561 Sun Cybercafe 1,024
AS135637 Professionals' Systems 1,024
AS58881 IncomIT Solution 1,024
AS136134 Independent Univeristy, Bangladesh 1,024
AS133450 University Of Chittagong 1,024
AS136765 Desh Online 1,024
AS136267 Info Internet Service 1,024
AS136791 Stargate Communications Ltd. 1,024
AS135597 Musfequs Shalehen T/A Media & Multimedia 1,024
AS136937 Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology 1,024
AS136257 New CNS Online 1,024
AS137030 IP Link network 1,024
AS137034 S. R. Khan Tusher T/A S. A. Online 1,024
AS63944 KaritKarma Limited 1,024
AS132340 Venus Telecom Limited 1,024
AS136406 SPEED LINK 1,024
AS135881 Spark Net 1,024
AS58684 Unique Infoway Limited 1,024
AS136272 SUN ONLINE 1,024
AS134425 G.S.M. Network 1,024
AS136534 GUNGCHIL 1,024
AS38069 airtel Bangladesh 1,024
AS58704 Intraglobe Communications Ltd. 1,024
AS136419 Jewel Aziz t/a Skylink Net 1,024
AS136416 Sorob IT LTD 1,024
AS136246 Tomattos Technologies Ltd. 1,024
AS18109 Maisha Net 1,024
AS136233 Kawmi Online 1,024
AS136759 Cosmopolitan Communications Limited 1,024
AS58736 Dhaka Fiber Link Ltd. 1,024
AS135578 Dhaka Information Technology 1,024
AS58732 Platinum Communication Limited 1,024
AS136266 Mohammad Abu Nayem T/A Automation System 1,024
AS136563 Iranet Cyber Cafe 1,024
AS134971 Doly IT Corner 1,024
AS59353 Spark Systems Ltd. 1,024
AS132489 Extreme Net 1,024
AS64092 IT Consultants Ltd 1,024
AS136145 Eastern Bank Limited 1,024
AS136395 Expert Online 1,024
AS136276 EIRTEL Services 1,024
AS137029 Nizam Uddin Mazud 1,024
AS136248 FAST NET BD 1,024
AS135604 M/S. Saiba International 1,024
AS136429 BAS Network 1,024
AS134806 Sky View Online 1,024
AS59375 Delta Software and Communication Limited. 1,024
AS136519 Multi Computer Land 1,024
AS133168 Shahjalal University of Science and Technology 1,024
AS136999 Skylink Broadband Internet 1,024
AS55344 Mutual Trust Bank Limited 1,024
AS38036 PRADESHTA Maintainer 1,024
AS136433 BD Solution Online 1,024
AS136813 NCC Bank, Bangladesh 1,024
AS136268 QSR Systems Ltd. 1,024
AS9288 DB Technologies 1,024
AS55733 IDEA Networks and Communications Ltd 1,024
AS132806 Khulna University of Engineering & Technology 1,024
AS134153 Xplore Cyber & Net 1,024
AS135628 PC Net 1,024
AS64063 1,024
AS136909 MJL Bangladesh Limited 1,024
AS132869 M.A Network Service 1,024
AS131686 Computer Complex Network 1,024
AS135130 Md. Wahid Murad T/A Anik Computer & Networking 1,024
AS135494 Karsan Net 1,024
AS136214 Creativa IT 1,024
AS137048 Penta Solutions Limited 1,024
AS135673 Future.Net 1,024
AS136562 Mohammad Ohid Ullah Bhuiyan t/a The Winner IT 1,024
AS58629 Global Fair Communications Ltd. 1,024
AS133153 Delta 1,024
AS18022 SMART NET 1,024
AS133608 Delta 1,024
AS58953 Delta Infocom Limited 1,024
AS136732 Yellow Net & Cyber Cafe 1,024
AS132575 Sigma Engineers Ltd 1,024
AS136150 DFN Media 1,024
AS132298 Antaranga Dot Com Ltd 1,024
AS58655 SkyTel Communications Limited 1,024
AS136207 K B N Online 1,024
AS136514 Onesky Communications Limited. 1,024
AS58672 Maxnet Online 1,024
AS135100 Maxnet Online Limited 1,024
AS136010 SEBA IT 1,024
AS134084 Bani Networks LTD 1,024
AS135590 Md. Aminur Rahman Khan T/A Seba Net 1,024
AS136910 MD. JAKIR HOSSAIN T/A Techno One Line 1,024
AS133957 Shah Ahmed Raquib T/A SOL-BD 1,024
AS136516 Unique Net 1,024
AS133547 Md. Muttakin Islam T/A Bit Net Technology 1,024
AS136215 SB NETWORK 1,024
AS136438 Adda Network 1,024
AS132436 Wahidur Rahman Sharif T/A Tahoe Communication Limited 1,024
AS133109 Delta Software and Communication Limited. 1,024
AS135524 university of dhaka 1,024
AS63890 Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited 1,024
AS136450 Kastech Computer Valley 1,024
AS136164 Islamic University of Technology (IUT) 1,024
AS132365 Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) 1,024
AS23729 Alo Communications limited 1,024
AS63957 13 Online 1,024
AS133331 Infobase Limited 1,024
AS9825 Sustainable Development Networking Program 1,024
AS59239 iTel Limited 1,024
AS55708 Sadiatec Ltd 1,024
AS58926 Banglanet 1,024
AS58665 Bangla Tel Ltd 1,024
AS63851 Bank Alfalah Ltd. 1,024
AS58814 Bank Asia Limited 1,024
AS136434 Digital Communication 1,024
AS64012 Meghna Seeds Crushing Mills Ltd 1,024
AS63923 Best Holdings Limited 1,024
AS58623 BG TEL LIMITED 1,024
AS136573 Zip Cyber Cafe & Technology 1,024
AS64065 NRB Global Bank Ltd. 768
AS136050 Bee Connection 768
AS135420 Media Online 768
AS45268 Novotel Ltd. 768
AS136482 Fair Net 768
AS136004 University of Rajshahi 768
AS134552 Geotel Bangladesh IT Ltd. 768
AS55550 Nextgen Networks Limited 768
AS132341 Digicon Telecommunication Ltd 768
AS59321 Southeast Bank Limited 768
AS58670 Bangladesh International Gateway Limited 768
AS55531 BracBank Limited 768
AS133430 Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited 768
AS136262 Asia Pacific Communication Limited 768
AS136217 Mostofa Trade Corporation 768
AS59209 Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. 768
AS134723 Evergreen Online Ltd. 768
AS58805 Xenial Broadband 768
AS135882 Spark Online 768
AS45532 Bangladesh Bank 512
AS134529 1Asia Alliance Gateway Limited 512
AS134804 ECTLINK 512
AS136903 PITSL 512
AS137045 Athoy Cyber Net 512
AS136555 BK Online 512
AS137020 Fast Cyber Network 512
AS136512 AB Bank Limited 512
AS133610 BRAC 512
AS136176 Cyber Solutions BD 512
AS58685 DBL Telecom Ltd 512
AS133180 Delta 512
AS58886 Delta Infocom Limited 512
AS58749 Delta Infocom Limited 512
AS58616 Equitel Communication Ltd. 512
AS136746 Global Network 512
AS38303 bKash Limited 512
AS134109 IMS Health India Pvt Ltd 512
AS135564 iPay Systems Ltd. 512
AS136745 DIGISOFT 512
AS132306 MOS 5 TEL LIMITED 512
AS63984 Nexdecade Technology Pvt. LTD 512
AS136808 One Bank Limited 512
AS135032 PRAN-RFL Group 512
AS64046 Pubali Bank Limited 512
AS58615 Roots Communication Ltd 512
AS58947 Software Shop Limited 512
AS136009 SpeedNet 512
AS136027 S S Ali and Co 512
AS134750 Star Network 512
AS132884 Summit Communications Limited 512
AS136941 Unicom Multi System 512
AS58695 United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) 512
AS133034 Virtual American Companies (BD) Limited 512
AS58892 Delta Infocom Limited 512
AS134676 Xenial Broadband 512
AS133890 Bangladesh Army 512
AS58800 ACE IT Networks Limited 512
AS136156 MD Rehanur Rahman t/a M/S FNF Online 512
AS58581 Standard Bank LIMITED 512
AS63826 Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU 512
AS136618 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology 512
AS133439 The Daily Star 512
AS58642 HRC Technologies Ltd. 512
AS136738 Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited 512
AS133155 Satellite Connection 512
AS134812 Red Network Ltd 512
AS58527 Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) 512
AS133945 Gaibandha Online 512
AS59242 Tullow Bangladesh Ltd 512
AS58657 Global Voice Telecom Ltd. 512
AS63987 Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited 512
AS23876 Bangladesh National intenet exchange 512
AS64037 First n Fast IT Ltd 512
AS136141 SK Traders 512
AS132099 E.B Solutions Ltd. 256
AS63840 Live Network & System 256
AS133468 Active Network 256
AS132502 Bangladesh Bancnet Linited 256
AS136435 Muhammad Manzur Iqbal T/A SILICON NET 256
AS58935 LankaBangla Information System Limited 256
AS134108 Red Datadata Pvt Limited 256
AS136598 HN Telecom Limited 256
AS64077 One Stop Media & Entertainment 256
AS58737 International Finance and Investment Company Limited 256
AS135055 Rafine Satelite 256
AS132443 Southtech Limited 256
AS64059 SM Communication Limited 256
AS136901 Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) 256
AS134135 Uber Technologies 256
AS132604 Midland Bank 256
AS132801 National Bank Limited , Head Office 256
AS24050 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. 256
AS132313 Uber Technologies Limited 256
AS56031 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology 256
AS59361 Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited (DESCO) 256
AS136948 ICC-FENI 256
AS136592 Utah Knitting & Dyeing Limited 256
AS136911 Asian University for Women 256
AS58701 M/S. Asia Net 256
AS134161 Global Foundries Pte Ltd 256
AS133191 Special Security Force (SSF), Bangladesh 256
AS63964 Songbird Telecom Limited 256
AS64052 Bani Networks LTD 256
AS135090 Star Particle Board Mills Limited 256
AS134403 Quantum Foundation 256
AS135416 Confidence Electric Ltd. 256
AS63965 Solution Bd 256
AS38267 PeerEx Networks 256
AS9540 Linux Pathshala 256
AS135490 Business Automation Ltd. 256
AS136815 Jhenaidah Broadband & Cyber Point 256
AS136275 Apple Communication Ltd. 256
AS132305 First Communication Limited 256
AS136211 Epyllion Knitwears Ltd. 256
AS131179 e-Bangla Limited 256
AS136586 Alif Technologies 256
AS136935 System Resources Ltd. 256
AS133083 Bangladesh Extension Education Services 256
AS133867 Packet Saver 256
AS135163 Digital Network 0
AS133628 Net Cloud Limited 0
AS55846 IMED, Ministry of Planning, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh 0
AS59259 International Centre For Diarrhoeal Disease Research 0
AS59359 Southeast Bank Limited 0
AS56170 Telcocity.Com LLC 0
AS64091 Coronet Corporation Ltd. 0
AS24124 Ektoo Limited 0
AS58934 Comptech Network System 0
AS132598 Comilla Online 0
AS63952 Brac IT Services Ltd. 0
AS132106 Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) 0
AS136529 Apon Computer Training Institute 0
AS135308 All Asia Link 0
AS132607 Dataedge Limited 0
AS132846 Intrepid Broadband Communication Limited 0
AS135435 ADN Technologies Ltd. 0
AS135022 Recursion Technologies Ltd 0
AS59316 aamra Outsourcing Ltd. 0
AS59363 Aamra Management Solution 0
AS59315 aamra Infotainment Ltd. 0
AS9451 Bhairab Express Net 0
AS38212 Open Communication Ltd 0
AS133522 Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited 0
AS38721 Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited. 0
AS18012 Access Telecom (BD) Ltd. 0
AS45607 Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL), Nationwide 0
AS58781 Bangla Trac Ltd 0
AS24308 Daffodil Online AS for BDIX Connection 0
AS45621 Planners Tower 0
AS58454 MNBL Maint by Saki 0
AS58673 U2 Telecommunications 0
AS135059 Advance IT Technologies Limited 0
AS135038 Synesis IT Limited 0
AS131340 Taqwa IT 0
AS132530 Bestec Telecom Ltd. 0
AS58918 Test Public ASN MANGO_BTRC ISS POC 0
AS134669 Tomato Web (Pvt) Limited 0
AS136151 Jatrabari Online 0
AS58803 OptiMax Communication Ltd 0
AS63520 NovoCom Limited 0
AS135495 IceBreakers 0
AS133949 Next Online Ltd. 0
AS59350 Next Online Ltd. 0
AS58508 Integrated Business Communication & Network Solution Ltd 0
AS58959 Next Online Ltd. 0
AS132543 Nextgen Networks Limited 0
AS58636 Ratul Telecom Limited 0
AS135616 World Tech Solutions 0
AS58870 SM Communication Limited 0
AS58607 Excel Company Ltd 0
AS133938 XeonBD 0
AS134973 X-press Technologies Limited 0
AS58754 House 19 0
AS136560 Miah Mohammad Fardous Zahan Appollo T/ASmart Solution 0
AS132159 Zeta Networks 0
AS134836 Md. Shariful Islam T/A BRISK SYSTEMS 0
AS135116 Md. Shariful Islam T/A BRISK SYSTEMS 0
AS135518 Md. Moniruzzaman Mamun T/A Get Network Service 0
AS63939 Uttara Bank Bangladesh 0
AS135001 Mazeda Networks Limited 0
AS58917 M&H Informatics (BD) Ltd. 0
AS137013 Manor IT Ltd 0
AS132608 Mango Teleservices Limited (ISP) 0
AS132606 SOL BD 0
AS56121 Mango Teleservices Limited, IIG of Bangladesh 0
AS58778 Mango Teleservices Limited for ITC 0
AS135550 DotCom 0
AS58911 Bank of Bangladesh 0
AS38558 IS Pros Limited 0
AS132427 InGen Technology Ltd. 0
AS137049 CloudWell Limited 0
AS58694 House 8 (2rd Floor) 0
AS134734 Velocity Networks Limited 0
AS38137 CPM BLUE ONLINE LTD.Transit AS Internet Service Provider 0
AS133395 Link Technologies 0
AS55473 CITech CyberNet Ltd 0
AS133738 Bangladesh Open University 0
AS37994 Bangladesh Internet Exchange 0
AS64039 NRBGBL, 0
AS134978 Arin Telecom 0
AS135379 Md. Abdul Kayum Rashed t/a T-Network 0
AS58782 ICC Communication 0
AS134798 Hossain Ahmed Masum T/A Alicon Network 0
AS136422 Easy Net 0
AS135329 Easy VPS 0
AS9926 International Internet Gateway (IIG) 0
AS134786 GeNext Properties Ltd. 0
AS136432 Media & Multimedia 0
AS132442 Newtex Pacific Limited 0
AS132381 Future Net Solution 0
AS134685 Fiber@Home Limited 0
AS132817 DZCRD Networks Ltd 0
AS56032 DE Telex and TP, BTCL 0
AS63843 Dohatec New Media 0
AS58420 Free 0
AS137059 Mosiuddowla 0
AS64053 Grasp International Limited 0
AS59236 Meghna Bank Limited 0
AS131102 4 byte AS 0
AS24307 AFTAB IT AS Number for BDIX Peering 0

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