Fall of Bitcoin, Cash is King.

Earlier this year, I said to a friend; 'There is only one God like power, and that is Money' and those people who created and maintained it for generations, are not to be toyed with-- So, I truly believe that human race would be able to survive without fossil fuel but not without economy- and to maintain its control, ideas like cryptocurrency is destined to fail.

He strongly argued with me and said that "We will fight for our freedom on higher conscious level and get out of the debts" and for that word only, I decided not to turn my bits into golds.

And the result, $1794500 USD just became $577150, overnight- lost around 4,55,318,00 Taka!

I'm still not sad tho because unfortunately money doesn't matter in my life anymore, only knowledge does which is truly immortal.

Ahmed Nitul

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Dhaka, Bangladesh. http://www.nitul.net

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