Mustang + Grasshoppers, Captcha & Dream... r u Hi'?

No one ever do realize how painful the anti-spam precautions really can be, unless they are yee high on 'limitless' and same ugly window keeps popping-up repeatedly asking to identify the gas stations, mountains, mark street signs and more!

But, least "Thanks to Google" for making reCaptcha so simple comparing to others who keeps telling me do math (like they are my mom?) tho still they make me feel good when the next guy in the browser tab ask's to play some game that I am sure my three year old son woudn't even play like "shoot the duck who are moving an ince every 10-15 seconds" come'on guys! at least try to put some creativity when you are making an ad!

Anyways... because of my DSL provider who are in shortage of IP Addresses, I am stuck with sharing an internet identity among with other 3700+ peoples! Tho, I'm not sure how long I can take it, because of the anoying windows I had to bookmark and closed down some pretty interesting research materials, as I've sat on the laptop and surfing' after almost a month and half, lots of interesting stuffs keeps supsring me- Technology keeps racing like a Mustang, not the ordinary ones- it feels like Grasshoper! -- might be thinking me' how high? :/ Well, I also do wonder- because a month break kind of made me feel like I'm on an Alien Planet and there are so much unknown and wonders around!

Sadly but true, um not high- as I'm trying to write almost after six year and four months, I just wanted to write my hearts out without making them any sense- beside I've been watching Californications on Netflix and it seems we love's things that makes no-sense and purely, utterly, crazy!

As I was saying, because of the "Captcha's" I got so anyoned that for a moment, I have stopped wondering and for that reason, this diary post is actually happened! Well... only after six year and so!

The main purpose of this note is to write about a reminder Dream which I have seen back in 2003-2004 and suddenly those memories stumbled back like it was yesterday, maybe because of so much short circuits (which happens to be a side-effect of being in Wonderland, addiction and cursity of 'How far the Rabbit hole goes?' and as you dig, you get lost's in the dark.

So about my Dream, I'm feeling like not to write about it- instead, make it come true and make it a 'suprise! -- beside, sometimes it feels good to wonder! Without curosity, wonders, crazies and lots lots of pains (even when so broke that coudn't even afford a nice meal) but unlike everyone says- at least inner'me knows that "Its right to dig the hole instead of going after the treasure left on the surface that as time goes will become someone elses and then again someone else will own it, but even thou' nobody would be able to see the smile, tears and statisfaction of the one losts in the Darkness of rabbit hole, and ventured wonderland!

He has the most pracious treasure, in-dark who kept digging for it.

may u find your rabbit hole- N.

Ahmed Nitul

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Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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