Rest in Peace : Steve Paul Jobs.

This week was one of the sad week of my life, some things happened from the beginning of the week which never happened before in my entire life- at end of the week; I heard the most sad news that could someone bring to me that one living idol of my two most inspiring man is no longer; sometime in the past I was very sad, because one person I really love to meet Dhirajlal Hirachand Dirubhai Ambani is no longer living in this world and I would never get the chance say hello to him and outloud "You have changed my life at many ways which you are not even aware of, THANK YOU!"

But then again, I got myself back thinking that at least someone else is around whom I can still meet and say those same words, but from today If I ever felt like that, I would have nothing rather leaving some tears and wishing I still was so sure to send that mail I have indraft for a long time addressing:

You know, life keep changing; like everyone made some best friend in the childhood- when you grow up! you figure out those friend were only truthful to you when you were a child, but no longer- like that, some idol's are made once and they can not never be replaced in your entire life; the way you liked your child-hood cartoon characters, you won't ever like a superhot model like that, the new feelings might be better, different and or even makes you feel awesome! But they would never makes you felt in the past, by this I mean that; Steve was one person in my life who would never return, never be replaced and will always remain something that I would never be able to forget, day by day; I will move-on but sometime, whenever I will miss my past; I will missing that smiling man.

Now, I only wish to meet him these two great personnel in after-life, yet today; I didn't belived in after-life and wished it never existed, but truely; honestly; from the deep of my heart, I really wish to have something as "After-Life" where I would get at least a single chance to meet these person and say something I really wanted to say and give them a hug for doing me the biggest favor of my life, after that; I won't mind if even got has decided the hell for me.

I can't write anymore, I would just only say "Sj, you made my entire month a sad month, and every other person like me will surely be missing you forever, ever!"

I'll be writing a complete biography and making a site based on his life honoring himself, also may publish a printed edition of that biography; till I'm gathering all the resources that I don't have yet- you can leave your mail to apple remembering Sj at - also you can visit my draft directory at to find the raw resource material that I am continuously gathering for site/article which will be later-on replaced by a complete site on the link you are reading this message.

Rest in peace- Sj,
Mr. Ahmed Nitul.

Ahmed Nitul

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Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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